What’s Cool at Becker: The Veterinary Clinic

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 11, 2014

Pop quiz: When you see an injured bird lying on the road, is your natural instinct to keep on walking by, or to go get some supplies, kneel down, and patch up that little wing? If the latter is more your style—and you’re interested in making a career out of caring for animals—you will love being an animal studies student at Becker College. In addition to our School of Animal Studies being second-to-none in New England, we’re one of the only schools in the nation with a working clinic right on campus. Here’s what’s so great about it.


The real-world experience. The Becker College Veterinary Clinic is open to the public Monday through Friday, providing well visits and non-emergency care for dogs, cats, birds, and other small mammals. It also serves as a teaching clinic for our animal studies students. In other words, you’d get to see firsthand and up close what it’s like to work at a vet clinic and would even get to assist in examinations. You can’t get more hands-on than that. 

The location. Being that it’s right on our campus, there’s no need for you to drive or catch a ride to another part of town. And, because it’s us—it’s Becker-owned—it’s somewhere you can feel at home, become friends with the staff veterinarians, and find a mentor or two.

The learning opportunities. One thing Becker students have in common, among many others, is that they’re all on the road to academic excellence while learning how to be empathetic, too. Caring for pets that come from loving homes or for animals that might not get the love they deserve gives them more than a textbook education; our animal studies students are learning lessons in life, too—and that’s something you can’t always get in just a typical classroom.

Whether you’re planning on working with animals right out of college or pursuing a doctorate of veterinary medicine, our clinic provides the practical foundation you need to make your dream a reality (Did you know that many students don’t handle animals until they get to veterinary school? Becker students handle animals in their first year and will already have years of experience by the time they reach vet school.). Interested in learning more? Take a look around the clinic and see for yourself how incredible it really is to have this here.

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