What’s Cool at Becker: The Big Data Analytics Concentration

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | March 17, 2015

"Big data" is talked about a lot these days—how valuable it is, why it's so important... But what exactly is it? Picture enormous amounts of collected information (everything from tweets to web transactions to surveillance videos, for example), which can offer companies beneficial insights and analysis. And now picture a growing demand for talented big data professionals. Sound like something you'd be into? Good news: You can study big data at Becker.

Becker College Big Data Analytics

Here a few awesome things about the Big Data Analytics Concentration offered in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program at Becker.

The extensive curriculum. We cover everything: how to idenfity where big data analysis can be applied; how to interpret, analyze, and validate the results of big data analysis; how to make recommendations for decisions based on analytic insights; and much more. A few examples of the actual classes you could take include Computer Programming, Managing in the Global Economy, Data Warehousing, Contemporary Economics, and Business Policy and Strategy. 

Countless opportunities. In the mashable.com article "Big Data: Career Opportunities Abound in Tech's Hottest Field," the president of WinterWyman Search, Ian Ide, wrote: "What is so exciting is that big data applies to almost all industries. As a data scientist, you can work for any number of companies or industries. As an employer, it's all about finding the right talent to fit your big data needs." And he's absolutely right. That's why our students are taught to implement techniques and technologies for analyzing large data sets in an array of fields. You could go on to work for, say, AOL, Starbucks, Proctor & Gamble, or Harvard Medical School.

Experiential training. There's nothing like real-world experience to prepare you for your post-graduation life. The Becker business program offers the opporunity to intern, form mentorships with external business executives, and participate in business problem simulations.

Communication skills. Learning how to read analytical results is great, but in the real world, it's explaining those results to others that can often be challenging. Bosses, stakeholders, clients...if they're non-technical decision-makers, they'll need their big data pros to step in and help. And that's part of what we teach, too.

If becoming a highly sought after recuit in an ever-growing industry sounds pretty amazing to you, you can't go wrong with a degree in business and a concentration in big data. Learn more about our academic offerings today.

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