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Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | October 31, 2014

Interested in games? Ever wonder what a day is like for the designers behind your favorite titles? The Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI, for short) offers students dreaming about careers in gaming firsthand industry experience. Best of all, MassDiGI is based right here at Becker—one of the many reasons we’re considered among the nation’s top colleges for video game design. Sounds nice, but what is MassDiGI, really?

MassDiGI is an incubator. Think growing regional economies (not chickens). It’s no secret that games account for a competitive, multi-billion dollar industry, but today’s interactive media and game development professionals don’t need to move to San Francisco, Los Angles, or Seattle to do what they love. MassDiGI aims to support the next big thing in gaming and to build it locally by tapping the potential of urban centers, like Worcester, with a pipeline of student entrepreneurs that starts with gamers, artists, and programmers like you.

MassDiGI is an opportunity. Explore your game ideas and take them from concept to reality. Do it here and do it in a real game-development environment. Becker students involved in MassDiGI programs such as the MassDiGI Game Challenge and Summer Innovation Program (SIP) work on projects alongside a team of like-minded peers and receive mentorship from gaming industry professionals. How awesome is that? (Check out games produced by SIP students and take a look at the MassDiGI Blog for insight into their personal experiences in the program.)

MassDiGI is a community. Students come to Becker College to take advantage of educational opportunities like those at MassDiGI. They stay because of the relationships they build on our campus. Our students know that beyond building a strong portfolio and fostering a valuable professional network, Becker is a place to be at home with those who share a passion for gaming. (Think of all the late-night, impromptu, old-school Super Mario Kart matches you could be a part of…)

Now that you‘ve read about MassDiGI, you have to meet the MassDiGI team and students. Schedule a campus tour or information session today.

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