What to do when you can't decide on a college

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | April 28, 2015

Got all of your acceptance letters? With May just a few days away, it's time to make your choice and submit your enrollment deposit. If the options are overwhelming and you have yet to reach a decision, try following these steps:

College Decision

Talk it over with your parents. While you don't want your parents to make your decision for you, they have valuable insight and definitely have your best interest in mind. While you're focusing on things like your major, your potential living situation, and study abroad opportunities, they might be paying more attention to campus safety, internship and career placement, and scholarships. Because all of these things have value when it comes to choosing a college, talking about each of these factors together will help you make a well-rounded decision.

Review financial aid packages. At this point, you should have taken the time to evaluate each of the packages you've been offered. An unideal package shouldn't keep you from attending your dream school, but if the schools you've been accepted to are ranked closely on your list, a generous financial aid package could be the thing that sways you one way or another.

Attend Accepted Students Day. They're the admissions offices last chance to show prospective students like you what it's really like to be a student at their school. For that reason, anything you do at an Accepted Students Day will likely go above and beyond what you might have experienced on your first or second visit to campus. (At Becker, attendees got a sneak peak into some of the dorm rooms.)

Experiment with decision-making techniques. Try a site like LifeHacker, which lists four tricks to help you make an important decision. Or, go back to the basics by flipping a coin. (Seriously!) Make a decision while the coin is in the air—if you're unhappy with the outcome, you'll know what you were hoping for deep down.

With these tips under your belt you'll be able to finish off your college search with a final decision. If Becker is where you're headed (and we hope it is!), join the Class of 2019 Facebook group to meet your future classmates.

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