Tips for Landing a Last-Minute Summer Job

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | June 26, 2015

With summer finally here, it may have dawned on you that your calendar is looking sparse. Sure, you deserve a relaxing summer before you kick off your college career, but it won't hurt to dedicate some time to earning a little bit of spending money. (You'll need it for late-night pizza runs, some new Becker apparel, and of course—textbooks.) Below are a few tips you can use to land that job at the last minute.

Land a Last-Minute Summer Job

1. Ask around. You'll use networking skills for the rest of your life, so why not start now? Asking your parents, their friends, and your friends if they know of any open positions is an easy way to put yourself out there (and find the opportunities that aren't listed on the local job site). Plus, a solid reference from your connection could give you an edge over other candidates.

2. Show your face. By now, you know that a first impression can speak volumes. This remains especially true when you're looking to find a job—and quickly. Skip the email or online submission, and instead, turn in your application in person. It won't be overlooked in their inbox, and they'll have an initial encounter to remember you by, right off the bat.

3. Be realistic. Because you're really only looking for a job to last the summer, start by seeking entry-level or short-term positions. When your expectations, schedule, and availability match the employer's, they might be willing to offer you the spot in less time. Consider applying to cafes or restaurants, as most are preparing for their busiest season, or summer camps, since most run through mid to late-August (perfect!).

Have your summer job lined up? We want to hear about it.

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