Three Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | March 04, 2015

Have an open schedule for your spring break this year? Don’t let it go to waste. Here are three ways you can move along in the college process in your spare time

3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Spring Break

1. Revisit your top schools. With just about two months left until most deposits are due, it’s a great time to take a second (or third) look at the top schools on your list. And now that you’ve received an admissions decision, the pressure is off! You’ll have a whole new outlook. If you’ve already taken an official tour, consider sitting in on a class or starting a conversation with a few students in the cafeteria—you never know what new insight you’ll pick up when you stray from the usual format of a guided tour.

2. Talk money. If you’ve received notice of the scholarships and awards you’re eligible for, take this free time to have a discussion with your parents or guardians about affording the schools you’re most interested in. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed with expenses, take your tablet to the beach (or ski lodge, depending on your location!) and spend some time researching a few more scholarships

3. Make a list of pros and cons. As your list gets even more narrow, it might be worth your while to map out a few pros and cons for each of the schools on your list. You’ll want to consider the most important things first. (Do they have the program you’re interested in? Are you comfortable with the living arrangements?) But don’t neglect the other, less crucial factors that still matter to you. (Do they have a club soccer team? How’s the food in the cafeteria?) Because some things matter more than others in the college decision process, a pros and cons list is a great way for you to take a step back and see which school really is your best match.

Want to revisit Becker? Take a look at our upcoming events. Our campus is beautiful in the spring! 

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