The Value of a Global Education

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 19, 2015

We're sure you've heard about Becker College's commitment to global citizenship before, but depending where you are in your college search, you may not know exactly what a global education means for you. We'll answer that here, and tell you more about how it will impact your career down the road.

The Value of a Global Education

1. What does it mean to have a global education?

The Becker College mission is to provide students with a transformational learning experience—one that teaches academic excellence, social responsibility, and creative expression. That means you'll graduate a highly educated and responsible citizen, with an eagerness to contribute to and lead in a global society.

2. How will it impact my education?

No matter which program you choose at Becker, you'll build a foundation in global learning. You'll look deeper into your own history, come to understand the histories of others, learn to communicate effectively and respectfully across cultures, and do your part to ease community and world issues.

In fact, as a student at Becker, you'll have opportunities to hear from global change makers at our global events, volunteer with organizations like Habitat for Humanity, and take service learning trips across the globe.

3. How will it benefit my professional life after Becker?

Most jobs today will require that you collaborate with, communicate to, or care for an individual who differs from you, either personally or culturally. As a graduate of Becker College, future employers will appreciate your sensitivity to and respect for others, your understanding of how behavior affects others and our planet, and your dedication to protecting human rights. With global competency already instilled in you, you'll fulfill a growing need for cross-culturally trained professionals.

Plus, when you're dedicated to making a difference through service, you'll feel good about bettering the lives of others.

Now that you know the true value of a global education, learn more about Global @ Becker.

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