The Best Advice for Getting Involved in College

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 24, 2015

Whether it's to meet new people, add to your resume, or feel more connected to your school, getting involved in your college community will be just as important as the classes you'll take. Even if you aren't sure which clubs and organizations you want to be part of just yet, there are a few ways you can go about joining them once you arrive on campus.

The Best Advice for Getting Involved in College

Tap into your school's resources. Most schools list their club offerings right on their website, and usually provide a schedule of upcoming events. On campus, look for the involvement center (called the CASL at Becker), where you'll find more information about each organization and how you can join. See Becker's list of clubs here, or view upcoming events on the Becker College Campus Activities Facebook page.

Attend club fairs. During your first few days or weeks on campus, look for signs of a club or activities fair, where you can learn more about the clubs you're interested in—and the ones you didn't even know existed. Plus, you'll get to talk to students who are already members. At Becker, the club fair is held during the first week of the semester. (Look at the itinerary from Welcome Week 2015.)

Be open minded. Just because you were on the soccer team in high school doesn't mean you can't test your skills on the dance team, or become treasurer of the Student Government Association. College is the time to explore your options, regardless of your previous involvement. With that said, your opportunities are endless—don't limit yourself to just one club!

Look for short-term activities. Being involved isn't just about your semester-long commitments, but the experiences that pop up along the way. When you have a few extra hours to fill in your week, opt for a fitness class, community service, or help plan the next campus event.

Follow your passion. Think about your favorite activities, then find the organizations that suit them best. Clubs grow from students' interests, and chances are, there are other students who are just as passionate about an activity or cause as you are.

Start your own club. Can't find a chess club, A cappella club, or perhaps an ultimate frisbee club? If there's a club you're interested in that your school doesn't already offer, start your own. At Becker, all you need to start a club are five potential members and a Becker employee to serve as your club advisor.

Take the first step toward getting involved on the Becker campus by starting your application.

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