Want to Study Video Games in College? Download This Guide!

Posted by Paul Cotnoir | February 18, 2015

Played a lot of Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze this year? Love the sound effects in Titanfall? Have a lot to say about what Mario Kart 8 has brought to the beloved franchise? If this all sounds remotely like you, it’s safe to assume you’re really into video games. Ever thought about turning that passion into a career path?

Video game design, development, and programming are real deal majors in college. But it can be tough to tell if your hobby should stay just that…or become something bigger. To help, we put together a brief guide, “Should You Study Video Games in College?”

Should You Study Video Games in College?

Download it now to learn:

Four ways to tell if your hobby should turn into a career

The kinds of classes that you could take

Examples of real jobs you could have

What to look for in a college

A few things your parents might like to know about a specialization in video game design and production

If you haven’t yet chosen a major for college, this guide might be all you need. Oh, and it’s free!

Download Now

Topics: Video Game Design & Development

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