Q&A with Professor Augusto and Professor Greenberg on Psychology

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 13, 2015

If you've considered a career in psychology, you may already know that some paths will require a master's degree. At Becker College, we've made the transition from our undergraduate to graduate psychology programs easier than ever.

Professor Kerri Augusto, Ph.D.First, you'll hear from undergraduate Professor Kerri Augusto, Ph.D. Professor Augusto has served as Becker's coordinator of psychology, a clinical counselor on the Leicester campus, and as the division director for humanities and social sciences.

What can you say about the psychology field in general?

Today, the field of human services is expanding and the need for qualified professionals in all areas is growing. Students have no difficulty finding employment with a degree in psychology, but many continue on for a master’s degree in order to break through the glass ceiling.

Should all students interested in psychology plan on earning their master's degree?

At Becker, the vast majority of students in the major profess a desire to enter into the human services field, either as a counselor or consultant. These individuals understand that a master’s degree is essential in order to do the independent work they envision.

How does Becker's BA in Psychology prepare students for the MA in Mental Health Counseling?

Students pursuing a BA in Psychology at Becker complete courses in development, social psychology, personality theory, research methods, biological bases of behavior, and counseling techniques. They choose from a number of concentrations made up of advanced courses, including forensic psychology, applied behavior analysis, human services, mental health, or pre-med. These courses provide exposure to research and theory, as well as experiential learning through internships. In addition, students conduct in-depth research on a topic of interest, produce professional documents, present their findings in a public forum, and teach a lecture to first-year students for their capstone course. Now that Becker offers the MA in Mental Health Counseling, we are seeing students emerge with coursework, experience, confidence, and scholarship skills necessary to survive and thrive in competitive graduate settings.

Beth Greenberg, Ph.D.Now, Professor Beth Greenberg, Ph.D., the director of the MA in Mental Health Counseling, will speak more about the master's program. Professor Greenberg is a licensed clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of experience.

What career opportunities exist for students with an MA in Mental Health Counseling?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employment in this profession is projected to grow 29 percent over the next seven years—much faster than the average occupation. The MA in Mental Health Counseling at Becker prepares graduates to be professional practitioners in a variety of settings and institutions, including schools, hospitals, clinics, residential treatment facilities, private practices, and other mental health settings.

What advantages are there to earning the MA in Mental Health Counseling immediately after the BA in Psychology at Becker?

Becker offers a BA to MA program, where qualified undergraduates can enroll in graduate-level courses during their senior year for no additional cost. Graduate courses completed through the BA to MA program fulfill undergraduate requirements for electives, and also count toward completion of the master’s degree. This means that students in the BA to MA program can complete their master’s degree in just 1½ years.

What makes the MA in Mental Health Counseling program at Becker unique?

Becker College's longstanding commitment to incorporating social responsibility is infused throughout the MA in Mental Health Counseling program and distinguishes it from others. The most distinct example of this is our on-campus Counselor Training Clinic, which offers graduate students the opportunity to obtain supervised clinical experience while providing counseling services to children, adolescents, and adults in the community. The Counselor Training Clinic is equipped with one-way mirrors and audio equipment, providing our graduate students with state-of-the-art, intensive clinical training and supervision. The MA in Mental Health Counseling program at Becker remains one of only two master’s programs in the state that offers this type of on-campus training.

To learn more about studying psychology at Becker, contact us at admissions@becker.edu.

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