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Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | March 28, 2015

Should you decide to enroll at Becker—and we hope you do!—among the many things you can count on is the fact that you'll be taught by an incredible set of professors. When they're not engaging with students in the classroom or collaborating with them during office hours, they're off doing pretty impressive things that just go to show how knowledgable they are. To give you an idea of what we mean, here is why some of our faculty members are in the news lately...

Faculty in the news

Off to speak in Spain...

Professor Janardan Kumar, Ph.D. was invited to be an organizing committee member for the OMICS 5th International Conference on Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology in August in Valencia, Spain. He is also presenting the special session, "Future Perspectives on Glaucoma." At last year's conference, held in Baltimore, he co-chaired sessions on glaucoma and neuro-opthamology. Back at Becker, Professor Kumar is actively engaged in the advancement of course curriculum in microbiology and chemistry. In other words, if this is the field you're headed to, you'd be learning from the expert!

Hot off the press...

Over in our General Education division, liberal arts professor Dr. Vladimir Pistalo's latest book has been released by Graywolf Press in English (most of his writing is in Serbian). Tesla: A Portrait with Masksa fictional biography of inventor Nikola Tesla, won the 2008 NIN Literary Awardthe most prestigious award in Serbia (it's like the American Pulitzer Prize). In total, Dr. Pistalo has authored 11 books. This is the first one that was translated to English. 

Game time...

Professor of Game Design Curvin Huber, MFA, M.S. is currently involved in a number of game development and online training projects. Students in his Principles of Motion Capture course are working with an innovative piece of technology that isn't even on the market yet—Noitom’s Perception Legacy and Neuron motion capture systems slated to be available to the public in March. Prof. Huber is fully documenting the course and designing training courseware for the mo-cap tech company to utilize when their systems hit the market. 

In fall 2014, Prof. Huber ran a course called GPU Rendering, which was in partnership with cloud graphics company, Otoy. According to Otoy Vice President of Business Development Banafsheh Fathieh, this was the first and only official collegiate course in the world to focus on Otoy's GPU render engine, Octane.

He is also in the process of completing a series of online training materials for Script Attack, out of Russia. He was invited to develop English-speaking training videos for their facial rigging system called Bony Face.

Your turn!

If these professors sound like the kind of thought leaders you want to learn from, don't hesitate to apply to or officially enroll at Becker College. Across the board, all our faculty members are impressive!

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