"My Favorite Campus Memory So Far"

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | December 08, 2014

What’s one of the best ways to get a sense of student life and learn more about what makes a college so great? Hear from the students! We asked current students at Becker to share with us their favorite campus memory so far. Here's what they said...


"My favorite campus memory was when I was first awarded work-study my freshman year in the Becker College Veterinary Clinic. It was my first time being in a clinical setting and working hands-on with animals." -- Bri Lamontagne, Pre-Veterinary, Junior

"My favorite campus memory is being part of the Lambing Team and helping to handle and work with lambs." -- Michael Wallach, Pre-Veterinary, Freshman

"My favorite memory was the bonfire and pep rally at the beginning of the 2014 athletic season." -- Estevao DeFigueiredo, Game Programming and Development, Junior

"My favorite campus memory is working with friends on the 24-Hour Game Jam." -- Jacob Fernstrom, Game Development and Programming, Junior

"My favorite campus memory was playing an ice breaker with 100 students during summer orientation." -- Savannah Scarlett, Exercise Science, Senior

"My favorite campus memory has been meeting my best friends in just three days. We are all letting go of what we left behind in our hometowns, so we can start fresh and be the individuals we aspire to be." -- Sara Rego, Veterinary Science, Freshman

"My favorite campus memory is driving around Worcester in my friend’s convertible." -- Georgina (Gigi) Hooper, Nursing, Freshman

"My memories are constantly being made with all of the friends that I met my freshman year as well as new friends I met this year. There are too many memories to choose a favorite!" -- Amanda Vaughan, Veterinary Science, Sophomore

Now how about making your own memories at Becker?

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