It's National Nurses Week!

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | May 08, 2015

National Nurses Week is a big deal at Becker College. Since 1982, we've been educating countless nursing students and watching our graduates go on to deliver high quality care to those in need around the world. In honor of this week, we'd like to thank all those students, and all the nurse educators and nurses out there who make others' lives healthier and happier. National Nurses Week

Want to honor nurses, too? Here's what you can do:

√ Send a card or flowers to your favorite nurse. Have you or your family been touched by a special nurse at one point in your lives? Take a few moments to write a thank you card and have it delivered to his or her office. Had a positive experience with a group of nurses? Deliver flowers or drop off breakfast on their floor.

√ Read about the nursing profession. Get to know more about what nursing entails and recognize everything that nurses do by reading about them. Check out this LIFE cover story on nursing in the 1930s, and these 10 facts you may not know about nursing.

√ Study to become one! Nursing is an incredibly rewarding field to be a part of, and it's also one that's in demand. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment for registered nurses will grow faster than most other occupations through 2018. Want to learn more about studying nursing in college? Here are three reasons why nursing students choose Becker.

Thank you again to everyone involved in nursing. We salute everything you do for us!

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