Is Our New Degree in Global Citizenship Right For You?

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 07, 2014

Many students come to Becker to learn how to lead in a global economy. For them, servicing the greater good is always top of mind. They’re interested in social justice and human rights, and they’re always looking for community service opportunities. (Fun fact: Becker students perform nearly 80,000 hours of community service every year.)

And all of us here at Becker, in turn, want our graduates to not only live in the world, but to also make it a better place in any way they can. That’s why we now offer a Bachelor of Arts in Global Citizenship, a degree that is the first of its kind in the U.S. and one that we’re extremely excited about. Think it might be the right degree for you?

Becker College_Degree in Global Citizenship

If you’re interested in…

  • Understanding the world through the eyes of others
  • Participating in service learning courses and trips
  • Contributing to a global society and fulfilling a social responsibility
  • Working for the United Nations, Environmental Protection Agency, the Peace Corps, United Way, UNICEF, Greenpeace, Red Cross, World Bank, Partners in Health, or some other related organization
  • Pursuing graduate study in international relations, economics, social policy, anthropology, sociology, public/community health, peace and conflict resolution, political science, environmental science, cross-cultural studies, and public policy

…then our Bachelor of Arts in Global Citizenship may be perfect for you.

Why not attend our upcoming event, “Global Voices of Change: Kristine Sullivan of Educate for Change” on November 17? It’d be a great opportunity to find out if this area of study is something you’d love to be a part of. Contact the organizer, Dr. Debra Palatto-Fontaine, for more information.

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