5 Questions for Sullivan Bortner, Becker Transfer Student

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | March 26, 2015

We’ve already talked about the questions you should ask if you’re thinking about transferring schools, but if you’re still on the fence, hearing from one of our very own transfer students might be exactly what you need to make your decision. Meet Sullivan Bortner, a junior sports management major (#14 in the pic below!) from Palmyra, Pennsylvania.

Becker Transfer Student SportsWhat made you decide to transfer?

I decided to transfer because I originally set out with the goal of playing baseball in college. After spending one semester at a college in New York, and three semesters at another in Pennsylvania, I decided it was time. I looked into the schools that were interested in having me on their teams, but I was mainly interested in finding a school that offered a strong sports management program.

What about Becker appealed to you?

The baseball and sports management programs ended up being the two things that drew me here. Becker’s combination of athletic directing and coaching, as well as the upcoming addition of a coaching minor, played into my decision as well.

How was the transfer process? 

This wasn’t my first time transferring, so I was already familiar with the process. Still, the admissions team helped me along the way and did a great job of making my second transfer experience go as smoothly as possible. At first I was nervous about going to school far from home again and joining a new baseball team, but these anxieties left me almost as soon as I arrived in late August. I've been very comfortable and happy here since.

Sullivan Bortner headshot

Do you feel at home at Becker, and what kinds of things are you up to now?

I do feel at home at Becker. I study business and sports management-related material and spend a lot of my time practicing with the baseball team, so I stay pretty busy throughout the week. Not to mention, there are always cool events happening on campus.

Do you have any advice for students who are thinking about transferring to another school?

When you’re sure that you want to leave the school you’re at, it can be easy to underestimate the process of choosing the next place you want to go. Make sure that the school you decide to transfer to is somewhere you really like. If Becker has a program that you’re interested in and the unique two-campus culture appeals to you, then there's a good chance Becker could be right for you.

If you want to learn more about transferring to Becker (and how quick and easy it can be for you), register for a Transfer Tuesday to receive an immediate evaluation for acceptance.

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