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Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | January 12, 2016

Now more than ever, adults who are or have been in the workforce are realizing how much a college degree can positively impact their careers. And with new hopes and goals for 2016 in mind, they're researching programs designed for professionals and making the leap to go back to college. Are you, or someone you know, in the same boat?

Enhance Your Career

If the idea of reinventing yourself and going to college as an adult student intrigues you, our new guide—Enhance Your Career: The Ultimate Guide for Adults Interested in Returning to College or Attending for the First Time—was meant for you. Put together by the Becker College Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies, the guide is filled with advice and information that you may be looking for, including details you didn't think to ask about.

Download it free today to learn:

• Seven common reasons adults choose to go back to college and a few reasons why they hesitate,
• Answers to FAQs,
• What to look for in an accelerated program, and more.

This guide will give you a sense of just how doable it is to earn your bachelor's degree, associate's degree, or certificate as an adult learner. Should you have any questions after reading it, we're all ears

Download Enhance Your Career

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