Game Design at Becker: Top 5 in the World

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | May 06, 2016

Earlier this year, The Princeton Review released its ranking of the top 50 undergraduate schools to study game design, and awarded Becker College the No. 5 the world. Wondering what makes Becker's game design program so outstanding?

Game design at BeckerAt Becker, studying video games means you can...

Choose a concentration based on your goals. Whether your dream is to manage the timely delivery of new products as an overall executive producer, or use 2D and 3D modeling and animation to engineer prototypes as a designer, each of our concentrations offers a unique and targeted curriculum that prepares you for success in your ideal role.

Take classes you're interested in. In addition to Becker's general education courses (and depending on your chosen specialization), you could take classes in 3D Modeling, History of Game Development, Effective Design Strategies, or Computer Programming as early as your first semester.

Make a real difference. You can use your skills to better the world of entertainment games, but your potential to do good doesn't have to stop there. In 2013, students from Becker College, UMass Medical School, and the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute (MassDiGI) developed “On Call,” a simulation game used to sharpen quick-thinking skills for emergency medical personnel. The program was voted Best in Show at the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase.

Use the most current technology. Our students learn on a full range of 3D design software, a six-camera video motion capture system, high-performance computers, and more. When you enter the workforce, it'll be with the technical experience needed to impress employers and excel in the industry.

Land serious opportunities. By 2017, the video game industry is expected to earn $86 billion. Industry growth = more jobs for talented individuals like you (and that's something you and your parents can be happy about). To show you just how promising the opportunities are in this field: Becker grads have gone on to work for companies like Turbine, Harmonix, ActivisionBlizzard, Demiurge, and Irrational Games, and have created applications for the U.S. Army, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Santa Ana (California) Police Department.

Download our free guide now to decide if studying video games in college (at Becker, we hope!) is the perfect path for you.

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