Five Things to Love About Being a College Student

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | February 14, 2015

If you’re already counting down the days to your first day as a college student, be prepared to get even more hyped. We’re celebrating this Valentine’s Day with a few things you’re going to love about being a college student (hopefully at Becker!). 

Student at Becker College

1. Independence. Whether you’re looking forward to the freedom to choose what you want for dinner every night, the freedom to choose what time you go to sleep, or the freedom to choose your classes, the independence you’ll gain from being a college student is both exhilarating and rewarding (but don’t forget to call home…they miss you!). 

2. Constant hangouts. Gone are the days of coordinating rides and waiting until the weekend to see your friends. The friends you meet in college will live in the next building over, at the end of the hall, or across the room if you’re really lucky. Your schedules might not be exactly the same, but being able to grab coffee between classes or meet up every Thursday night for your favorite TV show is so fun, and something you’ll miss after you graduate. 

3. Taking naps. Finally, you can make time for all of those naps you fiercely rejected as a toddler. Between classes, before dinner, whenever, and wherever—you’ll find out just how much power you can actually get out of a power nap—and you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But remember: your naps should fuel you for your studies, not give you a reason to avoid them!

4. Convenience. There’s nothing like the convenience of a college campus. Great snacks, public transportation, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and thousands of academic resources. Having so much at your disposal shouldn’t be taken for granted. Get out there and take advantage while you can, because there’s no place else you’ll have that sort of accessibility once you leave campus.

5. Support. For every hiccup you might encounter while on a college campus, there’s a resource that can help you. Feeling homesick? Need clarification on an assignment? Looking for resume-writing tips? (Our Center for Career Education prepares students for the job search.) The support you’ll find on campus is plentiful, so explore what’s available to you.

Now that you’re ready and eager to start your college journey, read more about student life at Becker to decide if our campus is the place for you! 

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