Not sure if you want to be a student-athlete in college?

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 25, 2014

Focus on classes alone or focus on classes while perfecting your homerun swing? Deciding whether or not you want to keep playing sports in college—whatever your game may be—can be a tough choice to make. How do you know you’ll be able to handle it? What will you miss out on if you do (or don’t) play? If Becker is where you’re headed, keep reading. We asked two current student-athletes a few questions about their experiences, and hopefully, their answers will help you decide if you want to hit the ground running and do both. (Pun intended.)

student-athleteThe student-athletes: Randall Minogue, a Business Administration sophomore who plays baseball, and Lisabeth Madden, a Vet Tech sophomore who plays field hockey and lacrosse.

What’s it like being a student-athlete at Becker?

Randall: “Being a student athlete at Becker is without a doubt great. It has allowed me to make so many new friends just from playing a sport and if I wasn't I most likely would not have met some of these phenomenal people. What I love about being part of this team at Becker is that I have 38 teammates. And every single one feels like a family member and we all just have a close bond and will do anything if the other person is in trouble to help them out.”

Lisabeth: “I absolutely love playing a sport here at Becker because every team feels like a family. By the end of the season, you become very close to your teammates. Being a part of an athletic team has also taught me life lessons that I might not have been able to learn anywhere else. I have learned how to work together with others, how to lose and how to learn from my mistakes in order to improve.”

Is it hard to juggle classes and athletics?

Randall: “At times it can be hard to juggle school work and sports but it is all about managing your time well. Sometimes I might not be able to hang out with friends because I have a game the next day and need to get my assignments out of the way.

Lisabeth: “Many students think that playing a sport and keeping up with college classes is almost impossible. And, I'm not going to lie, it can be hard. It takes dedication to stay passionate about your sport as well as your college career. But, there are ways that you can get help if you are struggling. The coaches and your professors work together and are there to help you reach your full potential both on the field and in the classroom. And it is worth it.”

What advice do you have for prospective students who aren't sure if they want to continue their sports in college?

Randall: “I recommend they should try it out. If you decide that you do not want to continue playing then all you have to do is stop. Because that way this person would not be filled with regret if they had just not played from the beginning. Overall I cannot think of anything else I would want to do in my time than play the sport that I love in college. Especially here at Becker.”

Lisabeth: “I would say to at least try it. You have nothing to lose, and it might be something that changes your entire college experience. Just by putting yourself out there, you could have the time of your life and meet some amazing people. College might be the last time you can participate in a structured sport. Take advantage of that.

Whatever you decide—whether you’re cheering from the stands or in the action—you’ll love being a Becker Hawk. Follow us @BeckerAthletics to learn more.

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