7 Tips to Nail Your Admissions Interview

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 20, 2014


Your application is in, your outfit is ironed, and you woke up extra early the morning of your college admissions interview. The hard parts are over… especially if you have these tips for nailing your college admissions interview in your toolbox:

1. Ask questions. After you’ve answered your interviewer’s questions, you will have the opportunity to ask whatever you like. Consider asking about honors opportunities on campus, what an average day is like for a student, or even what an average Saturday is like on campus. The best kinds of questions are ones you can’t find answers to online.


2. Do a little research. If you already have an idea of what you want to major in, or if you are aware of one of the college’s more famous professor’s research, or if you want to get involved in a student activity that the college is known for, this is a great time to mention it and show your clear interest in the college.

3. Really do your research. Want to wow them? Do you know who you’ll be meeting with in advance of your appointment? Google them! If you are able to see their LinkedIn page or their Twitter feed and read that they majored in what you want to major in or that they attended an interesting activity on campus last week (or perhaps you happen to know someone in common), you will have a topic of conversation to instantly connect you.

4. Bring a paper and pen, and ask if you can take notes. If you didn’t know the name of the person you are meeting with beforehand, take their name down so you can thank them afterwards via email or with a handwritten note.

5. Make sure you eat something beforehand. Have a mint; check your teeth. 

6. Iron your shirt. Kidding… sort of. You want to look sharp, but more importantly, you want to wear something that makes you feel good. You’ll project confidence and feel at ease, perhaps paradoxically, if you dress a little more formally than what you’d usually wear to school (you’ve heard the saying, “dress for success”).

7. Don’t be nervous. The beauty of college admissions is that admissions staff know their campus best, so be yourself and trust that if they sense you would be happy and successful at their campus, they’ll give you the “thumbs up,” so to speak. More importantly, if you are relaxed, the person you’re speaking with will pick up on that and appreciate that you are feeling confident and being yourself.

To learn more about Becker College—and to do your research on whether you’d fit right in at Becker, or to prepare for your admissions interview at Becker—visit www.becker.edu/admissions.

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