5 Tips to Beat Senioritis

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | April 30, 2015

Sen⋅ior⋅i⋅tis nounAn overall sense of disinterest, laziness, and lack of motivation felt by high school seniors. Also characterized by excessive wearing of sweatpants and sweatshirts.

Are you suffering from one or more of these symptoms? If so, we've got the cure. Read through our tips below to stay productive all the way through graduation.

Tips to beat senioritis

1. Stay involved. Whether it means joining a new club or taking on greater responsibility in the one you're already part of, clubs and organizations aren't just for impressing the admissions committee. They're a great way to polish your communication, collaboration, and commitment skills—all of which will be useful when you start college.

2. Study smart. Studying for even ten minutes can feel like a chore (especially when the days get longer and warmer). To make studying a little more bearable and much more effective, try studying in half-hour intervals. You'll stay on task and are more likely to retain information when it's absorbed a little at a time. (Plus, with breaks every half hour, you can reward yourself by refreshing Twitter, going on an Instagram liking spree, uploading a new profile picture, etc.)

3. Find a balance. College will be all about finding the perfect balance between academics and a social life, so start perfecting this skill now. Soaking up the afternoon sun with friends? Great! Why not bring your notes along and quiz each other? Have some free time before baseball practice? Spend thirty minutes in the library before you hit the locker room. The better you become at finding time for both your studies and your outside interests, the less likely you'll be to ditch your schoolwork altogether.

4. Start your summer job search now. You'll need that extra cash for late-night pizza runs and college apparel later. Having a summertime obligation will keep your timeliness and reliability sharp—and could lead to new friends and fun opportunities. Already have a job lined up? Stay committed. After all, you won't be able to call out of college to hit the beach.

5. Get excited! You're at the very beginning of your college journey, so use this time to prepare for what (we hope) will be the best four years of your life. It's never too early to think about the courses you want to take, the companies you'd love to intern for, and the amazing opportunities that could pop up along the way (like a Semester at Sea, for example). Spending even a few minutes thinking about what's ahead could give you the motivation you need to stay on track.

The next best way to get super excited about starting college is to register for our Accepted Students Day on April 24. You'll get one last look at what it's like to be a student here!

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