Five Things To Tell Your Parents If You Want To Study Video Games

Posted by Paul Cotnoir | March 31, 2015

If your parents have ever thought that you spend a little too much time on your game console, you might be wondering how to let them know that you're really interested in studying video game design and production in college. We’re here to help.


The U.S. News & World Report called Becker “a popular destination for prospective game designers,” so we know quite a bit about all that the video game industry has to offer our students, and how rewarding a career in video games can be. Here are a few things you might want to share with your parents to prove that you could be on the right path after all.

  1. It’s a booming industry. The video game industry is expected to earn $86 billion by 2017. As technology continues to advance, the industry will, too. Just think about the lifelike graphic designs you see in your games today, compared to last year or the year before. And how many times do you see adults playing games on their smartphones? Years ago, it was probably a rare occurrence. Now, we see it all the time. Let your parents know—it’s not just a fad.
  1. There are fantastic career opportunities. With industry growth comes a need for talented individuals who have the imagination and skill to make new ideas come to life. As the industry evolves, job opportunities for fresh new programmers, interactive media designers, writers, sound engineers, testers, and more will continue to be plentiful. And get this: video game designer was ranked #2 on CNN Money's Best Jobs in America list.
  1. You can make a difference. When we say career opportunities, we aren’t just talking about developing the latest version of Grand Theft Auto or adding players to the next FIFA roster. That might be exactly what you’re into, but if not, there’s a whole industry outside of the entertainment sector that you can explore. In 2013, students from Becker College, UMass Medical School, and the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute developed “On Call,” a simulation game used to sharpen quick-thinking skills for emergency medical personnel. The program was voted Best in Show at the Serious Games and Virtual Environments Showcase. It’s not all about fun and games (okay, maybe it is), but you can make a real difference with technology, too.
  1. You’d be joining a strong network of alumni. Graduates of Becker College’s interactive media design and production program have ended up at largely successful game companies like Turbine, Harmonix, and ActivisionBlizzard, but it doesn’t stop there. They’ve created applications for the U.S. Army, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Santa Ana (California) Police Department. When it’s time to find a job, you can absolutely reach out to a fellow Hawk or two.
  1. It’s what you love. If video games are more than just a hobby to you, why not turn your passion into practice by studying game development or design at Becker? You know what they say—find a career you love and it will never feel like work. Plus, you have all of the reasons listed above to support your case. And if that's not enough, show them this article: new research shows that video games can be good for you.

Need a little bit more convincing that you should study video games in college? Download our guide on studying video games in college and share it with your parents!

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