5 Reasons You Should Plan Your Campus Visit Right Now

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | August 25, 2015

If your back-to-school to-do list looks anything like this—buy school supplies, sign up for fall sports, plan first-quarter schedule, enjoy the last few weeks of summer—you could be forgetting one major thing...campus visits! Frankly, there's no better way to test your fit at a school than by seeing it for yourself, and we think right now is the perfect time to come see Becker College. Here's why:

5 reasons you should plan your campus visit right now

1. Our students are back. Now that our students are gearing up for the fall semester, you'll have the chance to see what life is really like on the Becker campus. And talking to other students (who were in your position not too long ago), can help put your college journey into perspective.

2. Our faculty is here, too. When it comes to learning more about our academic programs, our faculty members are invaluable sources. Who knows the curriculum better than the people who teach it? If you are lucky enough to speak to a professor or two on your visit, you could get a glimpse at the one-on-one support our students get year-round.

3. Campus is beautiful. We happen to think it is all the time, but early fall in New England is especially breathtaking. The hottest days have past and the trees are starting to turn, so be sure to snap a few pictures on your visit. (Bonus tip: taking photos during your visits can help you remember campus pros, or cons, later on in the decision-making process.)

4. You'll have plenty of time to revisit. If Becker ends up on your short list, you'll have enough time to return for a second, or even third, visit before you commit. And multiple visits are a major plus in the eyes of admissions counselors, who will recognize and admire your seriousness about our school.

5. We host special events all year long. From student-led campus tours held every day throughout the week, to information sessions on specific areas of study, you'll get an even better look at Becker with the help of our tour guides, faculty, and staff, who are just as enthusiastic about Becker as we are. (You'll see!)

Convinced? Start planning now.

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