5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Submitting Your Application

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | December 21, 2015

Your recommendation letter is in, your SAT scores have been sent, and your application is filled out. All you have left to do is press submit... right after you ask yourself these five important questions.

1. Have I included all of the required materials? Even if you think you have everything, take one last look at your application packet. Becker's first-year applicants must include:

  • Your online or hardcopy application,
  • Secondary school transcripts, and
  • SAT I or ACT scores.

While a letter of recommendation from a guidance counselor or academic advisor and an essay are optional, these items tell your story in your words and in the words of someone who believes in your ability to succeed. Remember, your application isn't complete until each of the required components has been received by the admissions team, so it's worth it to double check.

2. Is every section of the application complete? Online applications (like ours and the Common App) give you the freedom to start and save your application, with the option to finish at a later time. Tackling your application in parts can make the process less overwhelming, but can also leave room for unanswered questions and missed opportunities to highlight your skills. Before you consider yours done, scan the application in its entirety to make sure you've covered everything.

5 questions to ask yourself before submitting your application

3. Have I proofread my essay? A personal essay can be a great way to stand out among hundreds of other applicants, as long as you're standing out for the right reasons. To make sure your essay is praiseworthy, review your work for errors. If you choose to write Becker's optional essay (here are a few reasons why you might want to), consider asking a friend or family member to give it a read.

4. Did I explain any lower-than-anticipated scores? Where there are SAT scores or final grades that you aren't exceptionally proud ofand that you know will stick out on your app—be honest. Take ownership of your academic history and explain what you've learned from your experiences. The admissions committee will appreciate your integrity!

5. Does my application paint an accurate picture of myself? Be true to yourself and your long-term goals. After all, admissions counselors need to get to know you for you, to determine if their school will be a good match for you.

Once you've tackled this list, you're ready to submit your application. Next, find out why you belong at Becker.

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