5 Questions for Mike Munoz ’13

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | October 27, 2014


In addition to hearing from current students on this blog, you can expect to hear from alumni, too. After all, they know best what a Becker education can do—and we think you’ll find it helpful to hear about others’ experiences. Kicking things off, we have Mike Munoz, a legal studies major, transfer student, and athlete from the class of 2013 who is currently at law school. Meet Mike…

BECKER: What have you been up to since you graduated from Becker?

MIKE: After graduation, I worked at in-house counsel to an insurance company and then for the Federal District Court in Connecticut. Right now, I’m a J.D. candidate at Georgetown University Law Center. What I’d like to do is go into litigation; that’s the area that interests me most. I have considered the law enforcement route—I actually worked as a private investigator during college—but I ultimately chose law school. And thankfully, the education I received at Becker really prepared me for it.

BECKER: What drew you to Becker initially?

MIKE: I actually attended a different college at first, right out of high school. I’m originally from just outside Hartford, Conn, and I wanted to get a little farther away from home. But I quickly realized that going to school with 25,000 other kids wasn’t for me. I liked the class size and community feeling at Becker, and it was so easy to meet people. Everyone gets involved in one way or another at Becker. I had the chance to play lacrosse, golf, and hockey.

BECKER: What was it like being a student athlete at Becker?


MIKE: I’m the kind of person where, the busier I am, the better I perform—so I really enjoyed it. I liked being involved and getting to know everybody throughout the Becker community. And as for balancing work with athletics, my professors helped me the whole way through, stress-free. I was in classes where I was one of five or six people; that helped keep me on my toes!

BECKER: Do you have a favorite memory?

MIKE: Winning our first playoff lacrosse game in program history my senior year. It was an incredible feeling, and it was great to share that moment with my teammates.

BECKER: What’s your advice for prospective students who are deliberating colleges?

MIKE: My best advice is to be honest with yourself and what you think you want. When I made my original choice, before Becker, I thought it would be really cool to go to a huge D1 school with thousands of other kids. Then I transferred to Becker, a smaller school, where I actually ended up creating lasting personal and professional relationships.

Best of luck to Mike, and to you, reading this, we invite you to read more alumni profiles here!

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