5 Questions for Kristin Langord '13, an Accelerated Graduate

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | February 11, 2015

Want to meet another graduate of Becker's Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies? Here you go! Kristin Langord graduated in 2013 with a degree, a certificate, and a whole new set of skills. We asked her our favorite questions, and this is what she said...

Kristin Langord '13, an accelerated graduate from Becker College

BECKER: What degree and certificate did you earn at Becker, and what are you up to now?

KRISTIN: At Becker, I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, as well as a Drug and Alcohol Counseling Certificate. Currently, I'm a special education teacher for Worcester Public Schools (Union Hill, STEP), and a per diem detox counselor at Adcare Hospital. 

BECKER: What made you decide to pursue a degree from the Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies?

KRISTIN: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) flyers were sent out to Worcester Public Schools' Instructional Assistants, and it seemed like an interesting field, so I went to check out the program. It seemed very doable with my work and family schedules, so I enrolled in psychology with an intent to get a certificate in ABA. Then, beacuse I was able to get the ABA supervision hours through work, I ended up taking a couple of extra courses and doing an internship in drug and alcohol counseling as well. 

BECKER: Was the program what you thought it would be? Were you surprised by anything after you officially enrolled?

KRISTIN: It was a lot more manageable than I had anticipated going back to school would be. I had been getting advice for a few years to go back to school and pursue my teaching license, but I was intimidated by the prospect. A couple of friends at Becker finally convinced me to join them when I became interested in the ABA program. I ended up having a blast, meeting great people, and getting that teaching license in under three years.

BECKER: What was one of your favorite things about the accelerated program?

KRISTIN: The great discussions with people from all different backgrounds and different professional experiences.

BECKER: What would your advice be to other adults intrigued by the program?

KRISTIN: Go for it! It is surprising how much you can do if you just take a chance and try. 

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