5 DON'Ts For Your Admissions Interview

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | November 30, 2015

Arrive on time, come prepared, take a business card when you leave. These are the things you've probably heard you should do at your college admissions interview, but what about the things you should avoid? Read our list carefully—number three may surprise you!

5 DON'Ts for your admissions interview

1. DON'T use your cellphone. It seems obvious, but even taking a quick peek at your phone can be a big distraction for you and your interviewer. To avoid the trouble and ensure that you're putting your best foot forward, save the texts, tweets, likes, etc. for later.

2. DON'T neglect your appearance. First impressions go a long way, so dress appropriately. Rule of thumb is to treat your admissions interview just like you would a job interview (dress pants and a collared shirt, skirts, blouses, and the like).

3. DON'T let your parents do all the talking. You know your parents are there to support you (and to ask all of the questions you forgot you had), but it's you who has to impress the admissions team and find your best-fit school. If your parents will be joining you, politely ask that they leave the talking to you, at least until the interview process is over.

4. DON'T rehearse. Prepare for your interview by researching the College and its programs, and by thinking through some of your responses to anticipated questions. At the same time, remember that your personality should shine through. If your interview feels overly practiced, admissions will have a hard time getting to know your true self. Think about three to five things you know you want to say, then let the rest come naturally.

5. DON'T make excuses. Be honest about your academic history and grades. Even where there are less-than-perfect scores, take ownership and instead, tell your interviewer what you've learned from your experiences.

You know what to do to rock your admissions interview. Now, find out how you can impress admissions with #socialmedia.

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