3 People Rising Seniors Should Talk to Before Summer Break

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | June 15, 2016

Before you clean out your locker and say farewell to school bells for the next three months, there are a few people you, as a soon-to-be high school senior, should speak to. It may feel like one more thing that's keeping you from summertime fun, but getting in touch with everyone on this list now will put you in a better place to begin your college search in September.

3 people rising seniors should talk to before summer break

1. Your guidance counselor. Schedule an appointment with your guidance counselor ASAP to discuss your senior-year plan, if you haven't already. Take a look at your school's graduation requirements to be sure you're meeting them all, and ask about any opportunities that could boost your future college applications (like taking an AP course, swapping out a study hall for a new elective, or chasing a leadership role in a club). Guidance counselors can get busy with back-to-school business, so having your schedule squared away now can save time and stress once you start the search process. (On that note, Becker College recommends submitting a reference letter from a guidance counselor or academic advisor. Why not ask now?)

2. Trusted teachers. Whether it's a teacher who helped you discover your love for creative writing, mentored you through an award-winning science project, or one whose class you perform exceptionally well in, teachers can offer insight into your college plans that you may have not yet considered. Perhaps they can suggest a major or minor that suits your strengths, know of a summer program to add to your experience, or would even be willing to proofread your optional college essay in the fall. Whatever it is, it pays to get your teachers on board early.

3. Coaches. If it's in your plans to be a student-athlete in college, talk to your coach about your options. From Divison I to Divison III, club sports to intramurals, evaluating your preferences is important (especially before your senior-year season begins). Here's something else to consider: Becker College will accept any supporting materials you send along with your application, so a recommendation from a long-time coach about your leadership on and off the field could be a huge bonus.

Easy as 1, 2, 3, right? Having these conversations now will help you kick off summer with a clear head. Just in time to...

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