10 Facts You May Not Know About Worcester (#9? Yum.)

Posted by Sandy Lashin-Curewitz | February 03, 2015

Home to many colleges and universities, cool concert venues, and eclectic restaurants, “The Woo” (that’s Worcester to us!) is considered one of the best college cities in the nation. Every season, there’s something to do…hit the beach, ice skate, attend a spring festival, and of course, gawk at the crazy beautiful foliage in the fall. But you knew all that already, right? So here are a few things you might not know about Worcester’s beginnings.

Turns out, the heart of New England can boast a lot of “firsts,” like… 

the development of the first pressurized space suits, created by the David Clark Company.

the first Bible dictionary to appear in America was published by Isaiah Thomas in Worcester in 1798.

Typewriterthe first practicaltypewriter was invented by Charles Thurber in Worcester, and patented in 1843.

…the first liquid-fueled rocket was launched in 1926 in Auburn by Worcester-born Robert Goddard (who spent some time studying at Becker’s Business College!). The rocket traveled for 2.5 seconds at a speed of about 60mph, in case you were curious.

the first National Women’s Rights Conventions in 1850 and 1851 took place right here in Worcester.

the first perfect game in major league baseball occurred right on Becker’s Worcester campus! A National League team called “The Worcesters” pitched a perfect game against Cleveland in 1880.

the first radio station in America to play the Beatles was WORC in Worcester, thanks to DJ Dick “The Derby” Smith.

White Chocolate

the original yellow smiley face is said to have been first created in Worcester by American graphic artist and ad man Harvey Ball.

white chocolate was first developed and sold by Hebert’s Candies in Worcester.

the Declaration of Independence was read for the first time here in New England. (Isaiah Thomas again!)

And that’s only a few fun historical facts about Worcester. Get to know our hometown more with an in-person visit ASAP!

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